Overview of Airbus SE’s Full-Year 2023 Financial Performance

Airbus SE, represented by its stock exchange symbol AIR, has proudly disclosed its consolidated financial outcomes for the entirety of 2023, alongside projected guidance for the year 2024. Achieving a remarkable feat, the company has reported substantial order intake across all its divisions, successfully delivering on its commitments amidst a challenging operational landscape. The dedication to investing in a global industrial system while progressing on transformation and decarbonization initiatives underscores Airbus’s commitment to sustainable growth. Furthermore, the proposed dividends, reflecting the robust financial health of 2023 and the optimistic outlook for 2024, affirm the company’s confidence in its strategic direction and financial stability.

Key Financial Highlights and Deliveries

The financial year of 2023 has been marked by significant achievements for Airbus, including the delivery of 735 commercial aircraft, an 11% increase in consolidated revenues amounting to €65.4 billion, and an EBIT Adjusted of €5.8 billion. These accomplishments underscore the organization’s strong operational performance and its ability to navigate the complexities of the global market. The order backlog, standing at 8,598 commercial aircraft, along with a substantial order intake across its divisions, positions Airbus favorably for sustained growth.

Strategic Investments and Future Preparations

Airbus’s strategy focuses on enhancing its global industrial footprint and preparing for future market demands. This includes ramping up the A220 program towards a monthly production rate of 14 aircraft by 2026 and advancing the A320 Family program towards achieving a production rate of 75 aircraft per month in the same timeframe. The initiation of construction for additional A320 assembly capacities in Tianjin and Mobile, coupled with the entry of the A321XLR into the final assembly line, exemplifies Airbus’s proactive measures to meet future demands efficiently.

2024 Outlook and Strategic Guidance

Looking ahead to 2024, Airbus sets ambitious targets, aiming for around 800 commercial aircraft deliveries, an EBIT Adjusted between €6.5 billion and €7.0 billion, and a free cash flow before customer financing of approximately €4.0 billion. These objectives are predicated on the assumption of no further disruptions to the global economy, air traffic, supply chain, or internal operations. The guidance for 2024 lays the groundwork for Airbus’s strategic direction, focusing on operational excellence, financial discipline, and sustainable growth, ensuring the company’s resilience and success in the face of evolving market dynamics.

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