Airport Istanbul Lounge

Airport Istanbul Lounge Istanbul Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in the world, serving millions of passengers every year. With the opening of the new airport in 2018, passengers now have access to various amenities, including airport lounges. In this article, we will discuss three main topics related to Istanbul Airport lounges: lounge options, access requirements, and lounge amenities.

Lounge Options

Airport Istanbul Lounge Istanbul Airport has several lounges available to passengers, offering a variety of amenities and services. The lounges are operated by various airlines, credit card companies, and independent companies. Here are some of the lounges available at Istanbul Airport:

  1. Istanbul Airport Lounge
    Istanbul Airport Lounge

    Turkish Airlines Lounge: The Turkish Airlines Lounge is one of the largest lounges at Istanbul Airport, offering various amenities such as shower facilities, a cinema, and a playroom for children. The lounge is open to Turkish Airlines business class and elite passengers, as well as Star Alliance Gold members.

  2. IGA Lounge: The IGA Lounge is an independent lounge that offers various amenities such as a spa, a prayer room, and a buffet. The lounge is open to all passengers for a fee, regardless of airline or class of travel.
  3. HSBC Premier Lounge: The HSBC Premier Lounge is a lounge exclusively for HSBC Premier credit cardholders. The lounge offers various amenities such as a business center, a food and beverage service, and shower facilities.
  4. SkyTeam Lounge: The SkyTeam Lounge is a lounge exclusively for SkyTeam airline alliance passengers. The lounge offers various amenities such as a spa, a bar, and a buffet.

Access Requirements

Meet and Greet Access to Istanbul Airport lounges varies depending on the airline, credit card, or lounge operator. Here are some common access requirements:

  1. Airline status: Some lounges are exclusively for business class or first class passengers, or elite members of an airline’s loyalty program.
  2. Credit cards: Some credit cards offer lounge access as a benefit, such as the Priority Pass or American Express Platinum Card.
  3. Independent lounge access: Some lounges, such as the IGA Lounge, offer access to all passengers for a fee.
  4. Pay-per-use: Some lounges offer access to passengers for a fee, regardless of airline or class of travel.

It is important to check the access requirements for each lounge before your trip to ensure that you are eligible for entry.

Lounge Amenities

Airport Istanbul Lounge offer various amenities and services to enhance the passenger experience. Here are some common amenities and services offered at Istanbul Airport lounges:

  1. Food and beverage service: Most lounges offer a selection of complimentary food and beverages, including hot meals, snacks, and alcoholic beverages.
  2. Shower facilities: Many lounges offer shower facilities, allowing passengers to freshen up before their flight.
  3. Business center: Some lounges offer a business center with computers, printers, and other office equipment.
  4. Wi-Fi: All lounges offer complimentary Wi-Fi for passengers.
  5. Entertainment: Some lounges offer entertainment options such as televisions, newspapers, and magazines.


Airport Istanbul Lounge In conclusion, Istanbul Airport lounges offer various options to enhance the passenger experience before a flight. By knowing the lounge options, access requirements, and lounge amenities, passengers can make an informed decision and choose the lounge that best suits their needs and preferences. Whether you are a business class passenger, an elite member of an airline loyalty program, or a credit cardholder, there is a lounge option that will meet your needs. With the right lounge access, passengers can relax and enjoy a comfortable and stress-free travel experience at Istanbul Airport.

Airport Istanbul Lounge In addition to the amenities and services discussed above, Istanbul Airport lounges also offer a peaceful and comfortable environment away from the hustle and bustle of the airport. Whether you need a quiet space to catch up on work, a place to relax and recharge before your flight, or a quiet spot to enjoy a meal, lounges provide a comfortable space to do so. With comfortable seating, ample space, and a variety of amenities and services, Istanbul Airport lounges are a great option for passengers looking to enhance their travel experience.


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