Alaska Airlines Partners with Fremont Brewery

Alaska Airlines, in a pioneering move to enhance its in-flight beverage offerings, has announced a collaboration with Fremont Brewery, a renowned artisan craft brewery based in Seattle. This partnership marks the inception of ‘Cloud Cruiser,’ a signature India pale ale (IPA) crafted exclusively for Alaska Airlines. Seattle, serving as one of Alaska Airlines’ hub cities, is a fitting location for this collaboration, underscoring the airline’s commitment to celebrating local flavors and industries.

Exclusive Onboard and Lounge Availability

Cloud Cruiser will distinguish itself as a premium beverage offering, complimentary to passengers in first and premium classes, and available for purchase in the main cabin. Further enhancing the exclusive Alaska Airlines experience, Cloud Cruiser will also be served in select Alaska Airlines lounges across the United States, providing a unique tasting opportunity for guests.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

Fremont Brewery brings its expertise in crafting exceptional beers to this collaboration, utilizing a special blend of malts grown in Washington state. This local sourcing not only supports the regional economy but also ensures the freshness and quality of the ingredients that go into making Cloud Cruiser a standout IPA.

Unique Branding and Design

The commitment to a distinctive flying experience is further manifested in the packaging of Cloud Cruiser. The aluminum cans will feature an exclusive, colorful design that captures the essence of the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty, with an Alaska Airlines 737-8 MAX depicted soaring over the landscape. This unique branding aligns with the airline’s emphasis on quality and customer experience.

Commitment to Local Provenance

Alaska Airlines has long championed the use of local food and beverages as part of its service offering. The introduction of Cloud Cruiser IPA is a testament to this philosophy, highlighting seasonal ingredients and the local provenance of the onboard food and drink selections. Through its marketing materials and service offerings, Alaska Airlines continues to promote regional products, enhancing the overall travel experience for its passengers.

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