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Overview of ATR’s Annual Results for 2023

ATR, the renowned regional aircraft manufacturer, has proudly announced its annual results for the year 2023, showcasing a remarkable growth trajectory in various facets of its operations. The company has reported a significant 53% increase in its sales, selling 40 new aircraft during the year. This substantial growth is further underscored by the addition of 11 new customers, which includes both new and pre-owned aircraft acquisitions.

Despite facing supply chain disruptions due to shortages in raw materials and components, ATR demonstrated resilience and adaptability. The company aimed for 40 deliveries but managed to deliver 36 aircraft, marking a 44% increase from the previous year. This accomplishment is noteworthy, especially considering the global supply chain challenges.

Future Outlook and Expansion Efforts

Looking forward to 2024, ATR’s CEO, Nathalie Tarnaud Laude, has expressed optimism stating that the year will be one of ‘stabilisation, paving the way for future growth.’ With already two aircraft delivered at the beginning of 2024, ATR is on a promising path towards achieving its future objectives. The company has also managed to open 160 new routes operated by its aircraft in 2023, an increase from 150 in the previous year, while its revenues have soared to over $1.2 billion – the highest since the pandemic began.

ATR’s global reach and appeal were further solidified with orders from customers in Latin America and Europe in 2023. The company is optimistic about the continued demand in the regional aircraft market, especially in key regions such as South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Brazil.

Strategic Initiatives and Environmental Commitments

ATR’s strategic initiatives have been highly successful, as evidenced by orders for 22 aircraft from eight customers, including notable names like Berjaya and Azul, announced at the Paris Air Show on June 20, 2023. This achievement highlights ATR’s strong market presence and customer trust.

In alignment with global environmental goals, ATR is committed to reducing emissions through its aircraft designs. The company unveiled five new luxury cabin concepts on June 6, 2023, aimed at enhancing passenger experience while adhering to environmental regulations. ATR anticipates that new environmental regulations will spur replacement demand, particularly in regions like Europe, Japan, Canada, and the United States, where its aircraft can offer significant emission reductions compared to similar-sized regional jets.

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