COVID-19 Measures in Istanbul Airport

Passengers must wear a mask both in the terminal and on board. Passengers and visitors not wearing a mask will be denied both access to the terminal and boarding to protect public health. Only passengers and persons whose accompaniment is essential are granted access to the terminal. Contactless security measures are applied at security checkpoints […]

Istanbul Airport 5G Presentation

Cahit Turhan, Minister of transport and Infrastructure, announced that they were considering launching the 5G application at Istanbul airport later this year. Cahit Turhan, Minister of transport and infrastructure, answered questions from journalists in Parliament as he arrived to attend the AK Party Parliamentary Group meeting. Asked by a journalist about preparations for 5G, Turhan […]

Istanbul Airport Reduced the Istanbul Transportation Card’s Kiosks

IBB, which provides transportation with IETT and HAVAIST at Istanbul airport, claimed that the airport management reduced the number of Istanbulkart filling points and moved them to the most extreme points of the area. The IBB, which issued a written statement on the matter, claimed services were deliberately blocked, stating that bus stops would also […]

Istanbul Airport Welcoming Case At The Court

TÜRSAB appealed to the court for the annulment of the decision that prevented Istanbul airport operator IGA from providing welcome services to agencies. Istanbul Airport Fast Track Service, passengers with a banner’ was the court heard. The Turkish Association of travel agencies (TURSAB) has taken the process to court as a result of recent decisions […]

Corona Virus and Aviation

The world is shaking with a microbe that we call the catastrophe of the century. There’s no cure, no cure, no cure, no cure, no cure yet found, whether or not it can be found is a mystery. We’re talking about the Covid-19 virus. Our biggest wish is to have an infectious disease, while our […]

The Busiest Airport ISTANBUL Airport

Arrival İA

Istanbul airport again outperformed Europe’s leading airports such as Amsterdam Schiphol, Frankfurt airport, Heathrow Airport and Paris Charles de Gaulle on 28 November 4 December November 28 December – Istanbul (Reuters) – Istanbul airport was the most popular airport in Europe between November 4 and November 28. According to data from the European Organization for […]