Corona Virus and Aviation - Istanbul Airport Meet and Assist
The world is shaking with a microbe that we call the catastrophe of the century. There’s no cure, no cure, no cure, no cure, no cure yet found, whether or not it can be found is a mystery. We’re talking about the Covid-19 virus.Our biggest wish is to have an infectious disease, while our country is spreading around the world with people traveling, and while our country is fending off this situation with slight abrasions, we hope to medet with prayer in the form of “at least let this curse not infect us”. Of course, security measures are taken in our airports, and of course we are working diligently, but we cannot say that it will not happen.All our airports, especially international airports, are under the leadership of the Ministry of health, but we need to look for ways to do more. I visited Poland last week. I did not encounter a precaution on my way out of Turkey. In Poland, there were no measures at all. On my return to Turkey, I witnessed extraordinary measures at Istanbul airport. All of our passport-control officers were carrying out their duties with gloves on their hands and masks on their mouths. Now, there is no problem at Istanbul Airport.I also witnessed thermal cameras on the way out of passport control.What should be mentioned here is the damages suffered by our airline companies.I don’t know the number, but flights to a number of countries, particularly China, have been suspended. You know what that means, eating out of the safe every day. Thy will be very damaging in this sense. We don’t know what kind of solution the institution is going to produce, but the known fact is that the plane in the sky, not the plane on the ground, saves money.In this respect, Turkish Airlines will go through an unfortunate period and we will see how it will be handled together.Our real fear must be summer.There’s like a month or 1.5 months until the season opens. After that, cancellations likely to come from tourist areas will directly affect aviation.That must be what makes you brooding.This could be our blackest year. Economic difficulties both in terms of our aviation and the fact that tourism revenues are going down. Istanbul Airport Fast Track services is still going on smoothly because of the high level passengers are still proceed their travels. Also, Istanbul Airport VIP terminal is opened and working very well.Tourism season is the season where unemployment also falls. Both the aviation sector and the tourism sector employ temporary workers during these periods. If we experience all these negative things, we can say that bad days are waiting for us in every way.I hope the Curse of COVID-19 stays out of our country and out of the world.

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