Istanbul Airport Lounge

Istanbul Airport Lounge

Domestic & International Lounge

Make your trip privileged with a comfortable lounge experience with our luxury designed Lounge!

Every detail withinside the Istanbul Airport Lounge at the Domestic and International Departures has been taken into consideration to provide you a pleasing pre-flight time. Enjoy your airport enjoy through leaving your travel stress behing at Istanbul Airport Lounge wherein you feel the Business Class experience irrespective of your flight class.

We offer fast and easy booking opportunity to our guests.

Important Note : While making reservation, please specify which lounge would you like to use. If your next flight is to out of Turkey, you should choose International Lounge, if the next flight is to Turkey destionations (Like Bodrum, Antalya, Ankara), you should choose Domestic Lounge.


What Is Lounge Service ?

Airport lounges are an exclusive service offered by airports for travelers who want to relax, eat, or shop before their flight.Lounge typically offer a comfortable place to work or relax, as well as free food and drinks, internet access, televisions and more.Lounges are locations in which passengers can enter under special cases. Lounges are in general seen within the accommodation, entertainment and aviation sectors and they may be areas much more comfortable than the waiting areas. You may buy online lounge access service with us easyly for Istanbul Airport. If you need to anticipate a long time on the airport, you may have a higher enjoy at the lounge as compared to the waiting areas. Lounge has its own personnel to be at your service.They give you a comfy spot to sit and recharge – both yourself and your phone, tablet or laptop. You may stay in the lounge up to 6 hours !

Enjoy your valueable time at Istanbul airport Lounge.


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Your phone must be opened and online when you arrive to Lounge. SMS verification will be applied.

Why Use An Airport Lounge?

Relax, take hold of a few drinks, be productive, or simply get away from it all. Airport lounges can offer you with peace of thoughts to your journey.

  • Start your vacation early. Get to the airport with time to spare and relax with some cocktails before your flight.
  • Book lounge with Kids Rooms, providing a safe place for them to play and release energy before departure.
  • Have a long layover or arriving from a long flight? Use an airport lounge to freshen up with an invigorating shower.
  • Enjoy all-inclusive amenities inside the lounge instead of purchasing them individually for a higher cost in the terminal.

Istanbul Airport Lounge International


Istanbul Airport International Terminal Lounge 

It is a comfortable passenger waiting room, located on the international departure floor, with television, newspapers, magazines, playgrounds for kids, bar, locker area, shower, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, meeting room, billiards for adults, smoking balcony, skype rooms, WC for kids, baby care room, rest areas, massage service, masjid, places of worship for other religions, ablution areas, WC and showers, open buffet, and dining area, which passengers can benefit from until the time of boarding. 

The lounge has a total area of 4,400 m2 with a seating capacity of 585 people. It is located on the Airside, International departures floor. Passengers can access the mezzanine floor using the escalators after passing through passport control and turning left. İGA Lounge International is located on the right side of the mezzanine floor. Only international flights are admitted.

Facilities Available in the Lounge:

Facilities in International Terminal Lounge:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Massage Service
  • Rest Areas
  • FIDS Screens
  • Open Buffet
  • Bar
  • Terrace
  • Meeting and Skype Rooms
  • Unifree Store
  • WC, Shower and Masjid (Women/Men)
  • Playground for Kids
  • Working Space
  • PressReader
  • Up to 6 hours usage

Who May Access To The Lounge In Istanbul Airport?

Istanbul Airport is for Everyone ! It doesn’t matter which airline you fly with and which class ticket you have.

The IST Airport Lounge is a comfortable and luxurious lounge for passengers who have transit or departure flight at Istanbul Airport.

Where Can I Find Istanbul Airport Lounge?

Istanbul Airport Lounge is located at departure floor of the international and domestic terminal. They are located in a relatively quieter section at the airport. If you wish to get lounge service, you can buy Airport Lounge Service easyly and fastly.

istanbu airport lounce access

What Do Istanbul Airport Lounge Offer?

Istanbul Airport Lounge is frequently full of complimentary services which includes premium food and snacks, completely stocked bars, modern bathe facilities, speedy WiFi, abundant power outlets and secure business centers.

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free Massage Service
  • Shower Facilities
  • Unifree Store
  • Welcome Lounge
  • Open Buffet (Food & Beverages)
  • Place of Worship (Women/Men/Multi Worship Area )
  • Kids Playground
  • Up to 6 hours usage !!!
  • Soft & Alcoholic Beverages
  • Terrace
  • 7/24 Service
  • Nap Zones/Resting Areas
  • Flight Information Display System
  • Open Pita Serving
  • TV
  • Billiards Table
  • Bar Area

Istanbul Airport Lounge Domestic

Istanbul Airport Domestic Terminal Lounge 

Istanbul Airport Lounge is a comfortable passenger waiting room, located on the domestic departure floor, with television, digital newspapers, magazines, bar, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, rest areas, massage service, working space, open buffet, and dining area, which passengers can benefit from until the time of boarding. Every passenger who benefits/will benefit from the Istanbul Airport Lounge on the domestic departures floor can benefit from the free Buggy service from the Buggy sales point to the lounge area, from the lounge area to the flight gate, depending on availability.

The lounge has a total area of 357 m2 with a seating capacity of 50 people. It is located on the Airside, Domestic departures floor. Passengers can access the Istanbul Airport Lounge Domestic passenger service, located next to the G11 flight gate, after passing through the security check and using the escalator on the right to go downstairs. Only domestic flights are admitted.

Facilities Available in the Lounge:

Facilities  in the Lounge:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Massage Service
  • FIDS Screens
  • Open Buffet
  • Bar
  • Rest Area
  • Working Space
  • PressReader

What Are The Benefits Of Istanbul Airport Lounge?

One of the most attractive benefits of a lounge is that it offers you a secluded getaway from the crowds and chaos of the airport. Enjoy a few quiet time whilst you sink into a comfortable seat and relax earlier than your flight. Airport Lounges assist you pass the time through reading newspapers and magazines or catching up at the information and different leisure on TV. It’s a comfortable area with great facilities which can be exclusive to the lounge.

When it comes to choosing the perfect lounge suited to your needs, look for anything extra that may come in handy like showers.

Flight monitors are placed inside the lounges so that you won’t have to worry about watching the clock, and for some extra VIP treatment ask a staff member to call you when it is time to board the plane.


What Is Airport Lounge ?

Lounges can have different names in our country or abroad such as Vip Lounge, First Class Lounge, Business Lounge, IGA Lounge ,Primeclass Lounge, ISG Lounge… However, the word “lounge” used always. Lounge can be called different depending on the provider airline company. However, services are mostly similar.


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