Expanding Travel Horizons with MHRail

Malaysia Airlines, in a strategic move to enhance its customer service and broaden travel options, has unveiled its newest offering, MHRail. This innovative platform, developed in collaboration with AccesRail, marks a significant step towards integrating air and rail travel, providing passengers with a streamlined process for booking combined tickets. The initiative kicks off with services connecting two major cities, Seoul and London, to various local destinations via rail. This service not only aims to simplify the travel experience but also encourages exploration of new locales with ease.

In South Korea, Malaysia Airlines customers can now conveniently book tickets for Korail’s KTX high-speed trains directly from Incheon International Airport, ensuring a smooth transition from air to rail. Similarly, in the United Kingdom, the service extends to include train travel between London-Heathrow Airport and cities along the East and West Coast lines, operated by London North Eastern Railway and Avanti West Coast, respectively. This expansion builds upon the existing partnership with the Great Western Railway, further enhancing the connectivity offered to passengers.

Dersenish Aresandiran, Malaysia Airlines’ Chief Commercial Officer, emphasized the value this service brings to travelers, highlighting the seamless, hassle-free journey from flight to rail. By consolidating tickets into a single itinerary, Malaysia Airlines aims to simplify travel arrangements, making it more convenient for passengers to explore beyond their initial destination.

A Modern Approach to Ground Services

Alongside the introduction of MHRail, Malaysia Airlines is also refreshing its approach to customer service on the ground. The airline’s ground crew will sport a modernized uniform, aligning with the company’s vision of innovation and excellence in service. This change reflects Malaysia Airlines’ commitment to evolving with the times and enhancing the overall travel experience for its passengers.

Tickets for MHRail can be purchased through Malaysia Airlines’ official website or through Global Distribution Systems (GDS) utilized by travel agencies worldwide. This accessibility ensures that passengers can easily avail themselves of the combined air-rail service, further emphasizing Malaysia Airlines’ dedication to customer convenience and satisfaction.

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