Revolutionizing Inflight Entertainment: BeOnd Partners with Apple Vision Pro - Istanbul Airport Meet and Assist

Introduction to BeOnd: The Premium Airline Experience

Founded in November 2023, BeOnd is a premium startup airline headquartered in the Maldives, aiming to redefine luxury air travel. With routes from Munich (MUC), Zurich (ZRH), and Riyadh (RUH) directly to Male (MLE), the Maldivian capital, BeOnd offers an exclusive gateway to the paradise islands of the Maldives. Following a successful $13 million funding round in December 2023, BeOnd expanded its fleet with a second aircraft, an Airbus A321, and announced new destinations including Milan (MXP), Bangkok (BKK), and Dubai (DWC).

Introducing Apple Vision Pro Inflight: A First in the Skies

In a groundbreaking move, BeOnd announced its partnership with Apple to offer the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset to its passengers, starting July 2024. This initiative marks BeOnd as the first airline to incorporate Apple’s cutting-edge technology into its inflight entertainment system. The Apple Vision Pro, launched on February 2, 2024, immerses users in a blend of virtual and real-world experiences, offering unparalleled inflight entertainment. According to BeOnd’s founder and CEO, Tero Taskila, this collaboration will not only enhance the inflight entertainment offerings with an existing library of movies and games but also introduce passengers to mesmerizing virtual tours of resort destinations and activities in the Maldives.

Expanding Horizons: BeOnd’s Strategic Growth

The acquisition of a second aircraft, an Airbus A321, signifies BeOnd’s rapid growth and commitment to expanding its service offerings. With the addition of routes to Milan, Bangkok, and Dubai, BeOnd is set to connect more passengers to the stunning landscapes of the Maldives. The airline’s strategic focus on luxury and innovation positions it as a pioneer in the industry, particularly with its adoption of the Apple Vision Pro for an enhanced inflight experience. BeOnd’s dedication to offering unique and luxurious travel options underscores its potential to become a leading name in premium air travel.

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