The Arrival of F-35A Jets at Dannelly Field: A New Era for the 187th Fighter Wing - Istanbul Airport Meet and Assist

A Historic Milestone for Dannelly Field

This morning, a significant event unfolded at Dannelly Field, marking a pivotal moment in the history of the United States Air Force’s 187th Fighter Wing. The airfield, known for its distinguished combat record, hosted a special ceremony to celebrate the arrival of the new F-35A Lightning II fighter jets. This acquisition underscores the critical role of the 187th Fighter Wing in reinforcing the USAF’s air superiority, showcasing their readiness to operate the most sophisticated and technologically advanced stealth fighter jet in the world. The F-35A jets are not only a testament to the unit’s illustrious legacy but also a beacon of its bright future in training elite fighter pilots for generations to come.

Strengthening National Defense and Economic Growth

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey highlighted the significance of this event, stating, “It’s a clear reminder that our state is at the forefront of defending freedom, not just for ourselves, but for future generations.” The replacement of the F-16s by the more cost-effective and longer-lasting F-35A jets symbolizes a strategic advancement in military capability. Brigadier General David Pritchett, the Alabama National Guard Adjutant General, emphasized the collaborative effort behind this achievement, acknowledging the contributions of state and local partners, the federal delegation, and the supportive community. This collective endeavor ensures that the Alabama airmen remain at the cutting edge of military technology.

The introduction of the F-35A at Dannelly Field is also poised to bolster the local economy of Montgomery. With approximately 2,000 jobs directly or indirectly linked to the F-35A project, the economic impact is expected to be monumental, amounting to 2 billion dollars. This not only signifies a boost in employment opportunities but also highlights the strategic importance of the 187th Fighter Wing in both national defense and economic development spheres. Over the next five years, the Wing is slated to receive a total of 20 F-35A jets, further amplifying its operational capabilities and reinforcing its pivotal role in maintaining air supremacy.

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