Low-cost carrier easyJet has launched a new online pilot aptitude test as the airline looks to find the next generation of aviators.

The test is part of a pan-European recruitment campaign designed to expel the myths about the type of people that can become pilots and encourage more applicants from underrepresented groups.

The new test is being rolled out online targeting female audiences, who can logon to the easyJet website to take part in a ‘Reaction Speed’ and ‘Sense of Direction’ assessment.

The online test assesses some of the key skills required to become an airline pilot and has been designed to encourage more people to consider a flying career.

EasyJet conducted a poll across the United Kingdom (UK) and discovered that 57% believe that a university degree is required to become a pilot and 80% think that 20/20 vision is a necessity – neither of which is true.

In fact, 50% of British people asked had no idea what qualifications were needed to become an airline pilot and learn to fly a commercial jet.

The new campaign kicked off on April 3, 2024, in Central London where real life easyJet pilot Captain Sarah Ackerley was strapped to a huge billboard to answer questions about flying passenger planes for a living.

More than half (59%) of British adults surveyed still believe there are misconceptions that a pilot is a job for a man.

“Tackling gender stereotyping within aviation has been a long-standing mission for easyJet and I’m excited to be part of this latest campaign that’s allowing people to get a real insight into what skills are really important to do this job and encourage more women into the profession,” Captain Ackerley said.

She added: “It’s an immensely rewarding career that I’m proud to champion and I hope by more people taking our new interactive test, they can challenge themselves to discover a talent they never knew they had and I hope to see them flying with us in the future.”

2024 Pilot Training Program

The test and billboard were launched ahead of the opening of easyJet’s 2024 Pilot Training Program in the coming weeks.

The airline’s pilot training program takes aspiring pilots with little to no flying experience to operating a commercial passenger jet in around two years with its intensive, industry-leading training course.

To apply to easyJet’s Pilot Training Program, aspiring pilots need to be aged 18 or over by the time they begin training and have a minimum of five General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) of Grade C or above (or equivalent), including mathematics, science, and English language – no higher qualifications or degrees are required.

To register interest for easyJet’s Pilot Training Program or to simply find out more, visit CAE & easyJet – Are you a future airline pilot?

7.5% of easyJet’s pilots in in the UK are women, compared to the UK industry average of 6.5% with around 300 women including 99 captains now flying for the airline.

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