Embraer’s EMB-203 Ipanema agricultural aircraft will conduct a series of tests to certify the first methodology for aerial application of bio-control agents in Brazil. The pioneering project to promote sustainability in national agribusiness is led by Koppert, a global leader in the development and production of biological systems for agriculture.

The collaboration between the teams Embraer and Koppert will evaluate technical aspects necessary for optimum application efficiency and the safety of this practice. The test will contribute to generating guidelines for research documentation and data management. The announcement was made during the 29th edition of Agrishow, the main technology fair for agribusiness in Latin America, which takes place from April 29th to May 3rd in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo.

“The partnership between Embraer and Koppert represents a significant step towards promoting sustainability in Brazilian agribusiness,” says Gustavo Herrmann, Commercial Director of Koppert South America. “We are excited about the opportunity to contribute to the development of more sustainable and efficient agricultural practices.”

Application standardization based on scientific methodology aims to ensure the effectiveness of bio-control agents in preventing, reducing, or eradicating pest and disease infestations in crops, combining the strategic use of monitoring technologies and aerial spraying.

The use of the Ipanema reinforces the initiative’s commitment to a sustainable future, as it is the only aircraft certified and produced in series to fly on biofuel. Powered by ethanol, Embraer’s agricultural plane combines tradition, robustness and efficiency to enhance the aerial bio-control agent’s applications.

“The agribusiness industry has been striving to incorporate new technologies to enhance food security and environmental protection, and we believe that the collaboration between Embraer and Koppert could contribute to new sustainable advances in the sector,” said Sany Onofre, head of Embraer’s Ipanema Program.

About Koppert

With a history of over five decades in the bioinputs market, and present in Brazil since 2011, Koppert is a Dutch company that is a pioneer in promoting ecological balance in agricultural systems.

Koppert’s mission is clear: to provide effective and sustainable solutions to protect agricultural crops and promote the health of soil, plants and the environment, always committing to ensuring food security and preserving natural resources for future generations.

To meet the growing demand for biological products that stimulate the natural processes of controlling pests, diseases and plant nutrition, significantly reducing dependence on chemical products, the leader in biological control has a complete infrastructure. It has three units: a microbiological unit, located in Piracicaba (São Paulo), and a macrobiological and a

formulations unit in Charqueada (São Paulo). Furthermore, it also has its own Research and Development department to improve biological control technologies in tropical agriculture.

Being a partner with nature is more than a motto for Koppert; It’s a work philosophy. By offering a wide range of innovative products and services, it promotes not only ecological balance but also sustainable progress in agriculture.

About the Ipanema agricultural airplane

Technological icon of Brazilian agriculture with five decades of operation, Ipanema combines high technology and tradition in an aircraft that continually evolves, meeting the most stringent safety requirements, and delivering high productivity and low operating costs, especially when compared to other types of aerial applicators.

The Ipanema series surpassed the mark of 1,600 units produced and delivered, remaining the leader in the national market, with a 60% share. Since the launch of the new version of the EMB-203 model in 2020, the company has recorded continuous growth in sales.

Produced at the Embraer unit in Botucatu, Brazil, the aircraft has been powered by ethanol since 2005, becoming the company’s first plane certified and produced in series to fly with renewable energy. Ideal tool for aerial applications, Ipanema offers constant speed application, zero losses due to crushing or soil compaction. Versatile, it can also be used to spread seeds, combat vectors and larvae, in primary firefighting and settlement of rivers.

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